7 Things About Grout Cleaner You Should Know

If you are preparing to use grout cleaner in your home it’s extremely important that you understand all of the biggest problems that are associated with using chemical components to clean your grout and tiles. Grout and tiles can definitely be cleaned by chemical means but there are some big cautions to worry about if you are going to be using grout cleaner for the very first time. Here are some top tips about using grout cleaner directly from the professionals:

Test a small section of grout: If you have a small selection of grout that is in a place that isn’t particularly visible it could be a good idea to test out that section first with the grout cleaner you are planning on using. By giving a quick scrub down of that area you can start to see just how well the grout cleaner will work and if it has the potential to discolor the grout that you have.

It’s going to take some time: individually scrubbing down every piece of grout across a tile floor could mean scrubbing down hundreds of individual sections of grout and then wiping the cleaning solution completely away. If you are going to be doing this with conventional hand tools it can often mean that you will be down on your knees for hours at a time scrubbing the grout cleaner into the floor. Scrubbing backsplashes and shower grout can also be exhausting as you will have to hold your hands up for quite a while to reach some of the top spaces. Cleaning grout over a weekend often leaves many people very sore even if they are going to be using some of the best cleaner on the market.

You can do it with some household materials: you don’t necessarily have to use store-bought chemicals in order to clean grout. Even something as simple as baking soda and vinegar scrubbed into grout can make a huge difference with the discoloration of the surface. With these types of natural materials you may want to supplement using a steam cleaner or a heavy sponge with some real scrubbing effort.

Using a professional isn’t much more than renting a steam cleaner: the cost of a professional grout cleaner isn’t too much more than the actual cost of renting a steam cleaner over the weekend. If you plan on renting heavy equipment you also have to learn how to use it, purchase the cleaner and risk that something could potentially go wrong with the machine or your process that could cause damages. It’s a much better idea to consider using a professional for your home as you will be covered by liability insurance and the process will move much faster.

Some cleaners require extensive safety: certain types of cleaners that you can purchase over-the-counter may require you to wear extremely heavy gloves, a respirator and safety glasses. This can make the process of grout cleaning even more uncomfortable.

Some cleaners can compromise grout strength: there are many people that try to clean their grout with extensive wire brushes or heavy chemical cleaners and in these cases you can sometimes cause extensive damage to grout itself.

It should be done regularly: using some type of grout cleaning method should be done regularly so that you can prevent the buildup of mold, discoloration and more. Rather than risking the look of your tiles you should strongly consider regular cleaning on your grout.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you need professional cleaning on your grout.

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