Caulking is one of our highly professional services that we provide to our customers using advanced techniques and high-quality materials.

It is important to periodically replace the old caulking, which may have mold, fungus or mildew, including their spores, growing on it. It contributes to a fresh and healthy look of your bathroom, kitchen surfaces and windows.
Caulking is essential because it protects the joints in the places where there is a high humidity, such as the bathroom and kitchen, from moisture and progressive damage caused by water. Our highly skilled team can caulk the joints and peripheral areas in your shower, tub, on the perimeter of the windows or in the kitchen backsplash. This is performed to create a durable, flexible and moisture-resistant barrier on your bathroom or kitchen surfaces and around the windows, which prevents their damage through excessive exposure to water. We choose the appropriate caulk color so that it matches with the color of the grout for a nice-looking and functional surface.

Replacement Of Caulking

Old caulking sometimes provides an excellent environment for the growth of mold, fungus or mildew and their spores. It is essential to eliminate these health-damaging residues and other undesirable particles through professional re-caulking services offered by our team of highly experienced workers. It is a standard practice and recommended routine to replace the old caulking every two years, which ensures proper protection and a tight barrier from damage caused by water, and eliminates the growth of harmful germs, mold and their spores. Re-caulking the joints on surfaces around the bathtub, shower, kitchen backsplash and the periphery of the windows is vital if one wants to protect themselves from expensive repairs that may become necessary when these surfaces become damaged by water or excessive moisture. It is not recommended to ignore and delay the re-caulking process because it may expose your bathroom and kitchen surfaces to the harmful effects of water.

Consider contacting our team who can evaluate whether your surfaces need re-caulking, choose the appropriate caulking color and ensure a high-quality caulking seal of the joints in humidity-exposed places in your home.