Clear Sealing Grout or Natural Stone

After Cleaning Treat With Clear Sealing

Once the floor or vertical surface has been cleaned protection can be achieved using a clear seal which provides effective and long lasting protection of internal and external surfaces.

Clear Seal is a superior surface treatment which offers cost effective care and protection against degradation, soiling and contamination.

It is especially effective when used to protect grout and natural stone where it helps to prevent the ingress of contaminants such as food and wine.

Clear Seal is silicone free and non toxic. Its application causes minimum disruption and being water based does not have the high odors of solvent based sealers.

It undetectable when dry and being biodegradable is environmentally sustainable.

The Clear Seal application protects tile, grout and all natural stones including sandstone, limestone,marble and slate both internally and externally.

Grout Lines remain cleaner for longer since the seal prevents the ingress of moisture and dirt – floors are easier to clean.