Most effective 100% environmentally safe method of cleaning available.

► No Chemicals needed for Chemical FREE Cleaning
► Environmentally Safe and Eco-Friendly GREEN Cleaning
► Allergy Free Cleaning
► Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize and Deodorize at one time


At EuroArts Tile & Stone, we use eco-friendly chemical-free processes to restore and reveal the natural beauty of your tile and grout. From the bathroom to the kitchen to the patio, our all-natural process can flawlessly beautify and sterilize any kind of tile or grout. If your home’s tile is dirty and damaged, our professional technicians offer full restoration and repair services for tile and grout.

Conventional tile and grout cleaners use harsh, unnatural chemicals to scour away surface stains, but corrosive compounds in ordinary cleaners have the potential to harm you and your family. Certain chemicals commonly used in the home have been found to cause respiratory symptoms such as asthma, chemical burns from caustic compounds, and even lung cancer resulting from chemical inhalation. Our Vapor Steam Cleaning process uses nothing more than superheated water vapor to sterilize, clean, and beautify the tile and grout in your home without any of the harmful chemicals used in conventional cleaners.

Our ecologically friendly steam cleaning process is the pinnacle of allergy-free, chemical-free cleaning technology.

Vapor cleaning steams away unsightly grease and grime and sterilizes colonies of harmful microorganisms such as mold and bacteria that some cleaners miss. Steam cleaning blasts through the defenses of common household bacteria using the same basic principle employed in hospital autoclaves, which allows us to offer sterilization unmatched by chemical cleaners.Steam vapor provides unequaled sterilization throughout tile and grout by penetrating deep into their microscopic pores and crevices.

Steam cleaning can beautify your tile and grout, stripping away decades of dirt and grime to let the natural beauty of your home’s tile or stone shine through. If you thought you’d never get rid of stubborn, unsightly stains on your tile and grout, you’ll be amazed by the effectiveness of our all-natural steam cleaning process. Our steam cleaners practically turn back time, restoring your home’s tile and grout to their pristine original condition. If you’d like to completely change your grout’s appearance, we also offer color seal to protect and recolor your home’s grout.

The days of tolerating dirty, discolored, and damaged tile and grout are over. Call us today to schedule a safe, all-natural cleaning, restoration, or repair visit from one of our tile experts.