Cleaning grout is one way to restore it to its former glory – not only will it look better it will be free of bacteria, dirt and other contaminants. However unless sealed the whole process begins again – clear sealing is one option especially if the floor or surface is natural stone.

Another option is color sealing. This process should not be confused with inferior products such as grout paints – the process not only colors the grout but seals it ………permanently!

Grout Color Sealing

  • Color Sealing eliminates variations in grout color due to stains, uneven color lots, curing, fading or damage.
  • Color Sealing can match almost any grout color. You can maintain the original grout color from wall to wall or more excitingly change the color of the grout completely.
  • Color Sealing is virtually odor free so its application does not disrupt a busy house hold.
  • Best of all color seal greatly reduces ongoing maintenance-being completely impervious to moisture, dirt and grime cannot penetrate the sealed surface. Harsh chemicals can be replaced by neutral cleaners.
  • Completely removes the need to remove grout from tiled surfaces which is not only very time consuming and costly but creates a lot of dust. In a hotel situation re-grouting can put a room out of action for a couple of days.

A longer lasting and simpler solution to old looking floors is grout color sealing!

What is Grout Color Sealing?

Grout color sealing is not a grout paint but a product that permanently seals the grout and colors, keeping it free from discoloration due to staining or mildew. While clear sealing is often a good option, particularly when applied to a natural stone surface, clear sealing can not deal with staining that has already occurred, fading or uneven color lots. Applying a color sealing gives the appearance of all new grout thus eliminates the need for removing and replacing the grout.

Additionally, the use of harsh chemicals to clean the grout in the future is rendered unnecessary.

Grout Color Sealing versus Re-grouting

Grout color sealing cuts to the chase. It eliminates the messy removal and re-grouting and jumps ahead to the grout sealing with a product that makes the grout look new. As an added bonus you can either choose a color of grout that will match your tiles or use the grout as an accent color.

Grout Color Sealing advantages:

  • Color sealing is water tight, helping to protect the surrounding tile
  • It is less expensive than grout replacement
  • Color sealing makes the grout impervious to mildew thereby reducing allergens
  • Application is almost odor free *It produces a more easily cleaning surface
  • Color sealing is easier
  • It is less time consuming than grout replacement
  • Color sealing is available in colors to match almost any grout