The Top Misconceptions About Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you are considering cleaning your grout on your own it is important that you don’t believe every tip that you read online. There are a number of common misconceptions about the process of tile and grout cleaning and ultimately because of these misconceptions, many people leave it to the professionals. Here are some the most common misconceptions about tile and grout cleaning direct from the professionals:

You can keep grout from staining with regular cleaning: grout is going to stay no matter what you do especially if it is a lighter color. Tiles will also stain as after a matter of time mold and other environmental hazards will make their way into ceramic and other materials. You can often clean off the surface stains but without regular cleaning it’s possible that these stains could make their way in for good.

Using a wire brush is the best way to clean grout: A wire brush will actually start to dissolve grout and although a wire brush can be extremely effective at lightning grout, it often leads to weakening of the grout as a binding agent for tiles. This can lead to problems with the future of your tiles.

Using chemicals makes the process easy:  There are plenty of acid-base products and chemicals which are designed for tile and grout cleaning. The main problem with using these products is that they often require gloves, a respirator and other safety concerns. These products can be very difficult to work with and they also have a chance that they could discolor grout or tiles over time. Sometimes it’s much safer to trust in a professional or green cleaning products.

Consider some of these top misconceptions about tile and grout cleaning and remember that if you want to see the greatest amount of improvement with your grout and tile cleaning, you should consider hiring a professional grout cleaner.

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