When to Change Grout Colour

If you have a number of tiled areas throughout your home its important to remember not only the look of your tile but also the look of your grout. When you need to update the look of your tile color or your design you should strongly consider the idea of changing up your grout regularly. Here are some of the top signs that could be a good idea to consider changing out your grout color or revitalizing the look of your grout:

When your grout and tiles no longer match: if your tiles have faded over time due to exposure to sunlight or exposure to dirt and grime, it could be a very good idea to consider changing out the grout color over time. Sometimes you may not be able to actually lighten the look of grout to match the tiles once again. Trying professional steam cleaning however will give you the best chance at matching lightened tiles and lightly revitalized grout.

When mold buildup occurs: If your grout has begun to take on a number of darker patches or even a greenish hue, you should strongly consider using a steam cleaner or some type of professional chemical solution to remove the buildup and make tile look its best. Mold buildup can be natural especially if you don’t regularly steam clean or use cleansers on the grout specifically. Taking the time to change grout color by getting a professional steam cleaner will help to eliminate mold and improve the indoor air quality within your home. Look for signs of mold buildup in a shower first.

When it absorbs grease in your kitchen: kitchen backslashes are a hotspot for dirt and grease buildup. If you are tired of looking at grout that has discolored significantly it could be a good idea to consider changing the color of your grout and making sure that you can steam clean it. Professional steam cleaning solutions will help you to change the color of your grout and they need to be carried out regularly throughout your kitchen area. Grease and kitchen messes can be particularly difficult to work with especially if you have lighter colored grout. With professional steam cleaning and chemical cleaning it’s possible to bring your grout back to its original color.

After construction: If you have just had a construction project in your home or office, there’s a good chance that you could have extensive dirt and dust buildup in your grout and tiles. Sometimes a professional cleanup of grout and tiles can help you to recover after a construction project has taken place in your home. This is quite well recommended if you have just completed a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation or another major renovation throughout your home.

During spring cleaning: regular cleaning of your grout is an important idea and you may not have the chance to scrub out all pieces of your grout every few months. Instead it could be a very good idea to consider the idea of scrubbing out your grout with the help of a steam cleaner. By picking a day within spring cleaning and changing the color of your grout, you can appropriately change the color of your grout and preserve the look of your grout for the future.

When there is a major stain: Grout can sometimes become extremely well stained if there is a major food stain or another serious stain from pets, accidents and more. Sometimes traditional cleaners will not be able to remove some of the heavy stains that can be found in grout so it can be a much better idea to consider the idea of clearing out a major stain with the help of a professional grout cleaning service.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for the best time to change out your grout color.

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