The Top 10 Signs You Should Invest in Tile Restoration

Whether you have tile in your bathroom, kitchen, in your fireplace or through a variety of different locations in your home, tile restoration may be required in order to make sure that you get the longest lifespan out of your tile installation and the functional systems within your home.

Tile restoration will need to occur over time is almost any type of tile can wear out over time. Knowing when the time to change your tile out or get professional cleaners is important. Here are some of the top signs that it could be time to contact a tile restoration professional to fix up your tiles or potentially completely replace the tile installation that you have currently.

You have major cracks: major cracks in your tiles could potentially lead to water damage as well as extensive damage to neighboring tiles were the crack may be. Rather than risking your entire tile installation for a few cracks, it can be a much better idea to consider filling in these items or replacing the tiles before it’s too late. Major repairs to tiles can be avoided if you are willing to fix up cracks quickly.

Tiles are discoloring: major discoloration in tiles can really detract from the look of your home and it can often be impossible to steam clean or bleach to its original color. By using professional tile restoration specialists it possible that you could clean tiles more easily and with less effort.

Grout has discolored: Grout can also discolor quite quickly and if you have very white grout for your tiles, rather than considering replacing the grout you could have a professional steam clean or use chemical treatment to bring grout back to its original color.

The look of your tiles is outdated: there are definitely certain styles of tiles and color patterns which remain extremely outdated for tile installations. Rather than trying to resell your home or using an outdated look in your design scheme, you should strongly consider replacing your tiles to stay on design trends.

They are warping: Warping in tiles or a bulge on your wall could be the sign of major water damage. If you happen to see several tiles coming away from the wall this is a pretty good sign that you could be in need of a fresh tile installation.

You planning on reselling your home: Getting your tile restored before you plan on selling your home is a fantastic idea. Clearing out some of the grime and discoloration that has built up in your home before you list it for sale can often help you get a higher asking price.

To finish a bathroom renovation: If you love the look of tile in your home, it’s an extremely important idea that you consider getting tile renovation to close at your renovation. For a minor expense you could rejuvenate the look of all of the tile to finish off your renovation needs.

Before health inspections: if you tile in your business you should strongly consider the idea of tile restoration before a health inspection. If you have greasy looking tiles with mold damage this can potentially cause a huge blow or even closure of your business.

Fixing kitchen back splashes: In the kitchen light colored tile can easily pick up the signs of grease over time. Through tile restoration it’s possible to remove some of these grease stains and have a much more hygienic and beautiful kitchen.

Beautifying your fireplace: whether your home or business has tile around a fire place, often smoke and fumes can build up in the tile over time. Rather than having to deal with this extensive discoloration, it is possible to enjoy the idea of seeing brand new tile in your space.

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