Why We Love Cleaning Shower Tiles (and You Should, Too!)

The shower can be one of the main places that you can experience major discoloration with your tile and grout. Rather than risking the way to your shower looks or the structural integrity of your shower tiles based on the grout/breakdown due to mold, you should consider regular cleanings. The problem that many people face when cleaning shower tiles with steam cleaners or chemical tools is that it can be time-consuming and it can require lots of flexibility to move around in the shower while bending and reaching to scrub into the difficult to reach shower tiles. Without the right tools this can be a lengthy process. We love cleaning shower tiles because we have the right equipment and here are some of the top reasons why cleaning shower tiles is so important:

Improves the indoor air quality of your home: mold spores can be very dangerous to breathe in and as your tiles get worse, this can often lead to extensive mold buildup in your shower. By regularly cleaning mold out of the grout and shower tiles, you can breathe easier and enjoy a much more comfortable environment for your friends or family.

It preserves the look of your tiles: As mold and soap scum build up over time, it takes just a short while before the look of your tiles really start to be compromised as well. Rather than a shower full of tiles that don’t look like they match your decor anymore, regular cleaning can help to preserve the original vibrancy of your shower tiles. If you have colored tiles or even a bright white interior tile color pattern, you need to make sure that the look of your home can be well preserved for the future.

It creates a cleaner/safer environment: Dirty tiles can pick up lots of bacteria so starting from scratch with professionally cleaned tiles can cut down on the total amount of bacteria that can be found inside your shower. By showering in environment that isn’t regularly cleaned you could be exposing yourself to a variety of hazards including the potential for athletes foot, rashes and more. Through a regularly cleaned shower environment you can protect yourself and your family.

It makes your bathroom look more professional: A tub or tile wall pattern for your shower that looks extremely clean will help to make your home look more professional and really help you to show off the design scheme that you have for your bathroom. Without regular cleaning you can start to see problems with your tiles as well as ice huge detraction from the look of your shower. Making your home look professional is especially important if you’re going to be having guests or if you’re going to be potentially selling your home.

Regular cleaning makes sanitizing easier: if you regularly maintain the look of your tiles and clean them every few days or every week with a mild cleaner you can go longer between deep cleaning appointments. The problem with elements of showers like soap scum, calcium build up and mold is that they can continue to grow over time and they often become more difficult to eradicate after they have been left over a few weeks. Through regular cleaning you can make sure that your routine is upheld and that you may not have to spend an extensive amount of time cleaning the bathroom every few months. With the help of a professional deep cleaning service for shower tiles, you can have an extremely clean starting point so that you can continue the maintenance and upkeep on your shower tiles. After a professional steam cleaning for example you may need to only go over your tiles with a light duty cleaner every few days to keep them looking as vibrant.

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